Is your church full of healthy people physically capable to serve God? Our prayer is that it is, unfortunately, like most other churches, this is not the case.

Cancer Rates have increased every year since 1930 and is now the #1 cause of death in children. Adult onset diabetes has increased 700% in last 20 years and now effects 1:3 children. Heart Disease is still the number one disease killer despite hundreds of billions of dollars for drugs and surgery. Depression / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / Bipolar Disorder / ADHD/ADD - new estimates effect over 20% of the US population leading to over 40 million CHILDREN to take potentially dangerous medications every day! Genetics simply cannot explain such horrendous destruction of life and health.

Sadly statistics show that the church is not immune to these issues but ironically the contrary; self proclaimed Christians outpace followers of other religions in mental, emotional, and physical disease. Health issues have become the overwhelming prayer request made in churches.

That's where the Body by God –Rebuild the Temple Program steps in! This 40-Day program is a Transformation Process of the Mind, Body and Spirit which uses biblical truth and current scientific data to create stewardship priorities for our greatest earthly gift: the Temple of the Holy Spirit. This program is based on the NY Times Best Selling Book, Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living. By making 1% improvements for God each day over a 40 day period, lives are transformed and a "new" relevancy is revealed to those who otherwise would turn to an unbelieving world for answers to the most common struggles of health, peace, and wellbeing! Since 2003 over 2000 churches have presented these programs and hundreds of thousands of individuals (believers and seekers alike!) have experienced God's blessings through learning and applying simple disciplines in nutrition, movement, peace management, and time management! Each participant is given the holistic tools they will need on a daily basis to make steady, incremental changes to live a lifetime of health and happiness

This program is now available in the Austin area by Dr. Jeff! Dr. Gancas is not new to chiropractic, only new to Austin. Prior to opening LHC in October 2009, Dr. Gancas co-owned one of the largest family chiropractic offices in California. Dr. Gancas hosted the Body by God program at churches and congregations all over the Sacramento area, many times being asked to bring the program to the same church annually for a refresher course. Thousands of lives were transformed and many were brought to know God by this health outreach. We have many testimonials for your review from pastors and church members alike!

How will this benefit your church or congregation? As you know, many of the prayer requests churches receive are for health restoration, as mentioned above. It is important for people to learn how to properly take care of their Temple, giving them the ability to serve more. You will have a healthier church body. The Church gets to host this program which aids in community outreach which brings even more guests to your church. Additionally, Dr. Gancas does not charge any fees for this event; this is part of his health ministry outreach for his practice. So there is no direct cost to you!

If you would like more information on the Body by God – Rebuild the Temple Program for yourself or your church contact Dr. Jeff Gancas at 345-7400, Living Healthy Chiropractic, or

Are you looking for additional benefits to bring to your employees? How about something that we all need? HEALTH! I know, you are probably thinking, I can't afford to have a Doctor come to my business for a health lecture and health screening. Well guess what, you can.

Recently, our Government has mandated the Healthy People Initiative which dictates Wellness Programs for all Schools and Government Offices. Corporations and other business are recommended to voluntarily follow these protocols as well. Right now, there's a shortage of doctors to deliver these wellness programs. Two-hundred-million dollars has been approved in Federally Funded Grants for businesses to provide Wellness Programs to their employees. Doctor's are needed to educate employees on wellness programs and lifestyle changes. The program must address stress, better nutrition, weight loss and exercise. Sounds just like the foundation of our office; The Five Components of Living Healthy! Educational Wellness Workshops for employees must be conducted to provide the needed information. Doctors and other health care providers are being called upon to give these workshops to employees and educate them towards a healthier lifestyle. Call Living Healthy Chiropractic at 345-7400 to get information on how to have Dr. Jeff Gancas present this vital (and required) information at your workplace.

In addition to the required workshops on Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, and Weight Loss, I do health lectures on anything from Wellness, Ergonomics, Back and Posture Safety, Diabetes Prevention, Heart Disease, Toxicity, Building A Titanium Immune System, The 5 Essentials of Living Healthy, and many more. I am happy to share the content with you before the class so you can see exactly what will be discussed. Most classes contain about 45 minutes of lecture, and I stay to answer every last question your employees may have. As an option, and depending on the class topic, I am happy to do blood pressure checks, body composition analysis, and / or nerve scan screenings, of course as an option to the employees. My schedule is flexible, and can include a morning, lunchtime, or after hours. An option to you would be if you have a meeting facility and if you would want to provide healthy drinks (water) and snacks. That is completely optional.

Please rest assured that I am not a Workers Compensation Provider, nor do I promote Work Comp. Quite to the contrary! I promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle which gives you a healthier more productive employee. Feel free to give me a call directly to discuss your options. I can be reached at 512.345.7400 or email me at [email protected] My goal is to build and maintain a healthy community here in Austin. Together we can make it happen.